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WANNA HELP? - If you have scans of missing images, or improved versions of any of the cards shown on this site, I'd love to hear from you. I'm always looking to improve the site. I'm also interested in scans of complete sets not on the site yet (fronts AND backs). Please be sure to contact me BEFORE sending any images (so I can make sure you're not going to overload my mailbox, and tell you how I'd like the images sent), or BEFORE you begin a set scanning project (I may already have images for that set, but they are not on the site yet). I prefer JPG images scanned at 200-300 dpi and saved with low compression (0-15) to maximize initial image quality (final images for the sight have to be subjected to several "lossy" procedures, so high quality initial images are important for maintaining an acceptable final product).

WANNA USE THESE IMAGES? - Limited permission is granted for individuals to use these images, checklists, etc. in small quantities for things like personal web sites, wantlists, etc. Please DO NOT extract large numbers of images or other content for use on a website similar to this one. If you would like to use a large number of images for a specific project, please feel free to contact me with the details. You may absolutely NOT use these images in a way that causes others to have to pay for them (repackaging them and putting them on a commercial website or CD, etc.) These images are provided free of charge, without a lot of hassles, so please respect my intellectual property, as well as that of the other site contributors. NOTE -- All images and accompanying text on scanned cards are copyrighted by the respective companies that produced the sets. No ownership of this information is implied by the author of this site.

FOR SALE? - Please don't ask if I have any of the cards pictured on this site for sale - I don't! This site features cards from various collections (including my own), eBay, and other sources. I'm not advertising these cards, just presenting them to an audience so that they might appreciate them without having to fork over big money to add them to their collection.

PROBLEMS VIEWING THE IMAGES? - Click on the name of the set for a full display of the set. Due to the large number of images, this might take a while to load, and some of the images may "time out". If any of the images do not show up, just refresh the page in your browser. If you notice bad or missing images on certain sets, please let me know, so I can fix the problem as soon as possible.

This site is best viewed with a screen resolution of 1024x768 or greater.

THANKS! - Special thanks to the following individuals/groups for their contributions to this site: Wayne Delia (Baseball Card Images CD), OBC/ (checklists), Chris Stufflestreet (Checklists), Steve Rittenberg (sets to scan), Bob Rogers (tons of scans on CD), Jeffrey Green (scans of various sets), Peter Calderon (images from his website), Spike Glidden (scans), Mike Mackie (scans).

Click on the "Javascript Version" link to the right of any set name to see a card-by-card "album" of the set. This allows you to scroll forwards and backwards through the set, one card at a time.

Codes you see to the left of each set listing, indicate the following:

  • F - All/Most Front Images Available
  • F - Some Front Images Available
  • F - No Front Images Available
  • B - All/Most Back Images Available
  • B - Some Back Images Available
  • B - No Back Images Available
  • C - A Full Checklist is Available
  • C - A Partial Checklist is Available
  • C - No Checklist is Available
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  • Vintage Card Traders (VCT) - VCT is primarily a trading group whose membership is focused on collecting vintage (pre-1980) sports cards. Most collectors focus exclusively on baseball, but many members enjoy collecting other sports as well. Trading is pretty active with a constant influx of new members.
  • Old Baseball Cards (OBC) - The oldest of all of the online baseball card groups, with roots stretching back to late 1991. Members must be primarily vintage baseball card collectors. Collecting too much modern, or "UV infected", stuff is generally frowned upon. OBCers tend to trade less and focus more on sending cards to other members "just because they need them". OBCers are very friendly, generous and extremely knowledgable about vintage cards.
  • Old Card Traders (OCT) - OCT strikes up a nice balance between the heavily "modern card" oriented TB and the strong vintage orientation of groups like OBC and VCT. Although there are plenty of vintage collectors, many of the members also collect modern stuff, and some focus exclusively on it. OCT relies on "trader points" to insure that its members stay active.
  • Trading Bases (TB) - Although there are some vintage traders here, most of the members are focused heavily on the newer stuff, so if you are a "modern age" collector who enjoys putting together the latest sets, collecting inserts, rookies and more, this might be just the place for you.
  • O-Pee-Chee Central (OPCC) - A loosely collected group for collectors of vintage OPC baseball cards to assist each other in working on these tough-to-complete sets.
  • Christian Card Collectors (CCC) - A group specifically geared toward Christians who collect sports cards. This is a place for Christians to encourage and pray for one another, discuss evangelistic outreach to their fellow collectors, collaborate on service projects, and do some card swapping with other Christians.

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