1971 Fleer World Series "Update Set"

In 1970 and 1971 Fleer produced a neat little "World Series" set, featuring cartoons by R.G. Laughlin on the front and a short summary of the series on the back for each world series to date. The two sets are easy to distinguish, as they sport different cartoons on the front, and different text color on the back (not to mention that the 1904 series is missing from the '70 set). The 1970 set has blue text on the back, whereas the 1971 set has black (some say brown, but it looks black to me).

But if the set was produced in 1971, shouldn't the 1970 world series card be the last one in the set? You would think so... But if that was true, how do you explain the cards you see below? I believe there was an update set (maybe more than one) produced to the 1971 World Series set. In 1978, I purchased packs of Fleer WS cards from the local "Good Humor" man (aka the Ice Cream Man). These packs contained cards with black text (with the same cartoons as the 1971 WS set) but now contained the 1972-1977 WS as well! (I can't remember for sure, but I thought I remembered buying these in 1977 too and they only went up to 1976 that year). There is a subtle, but very real difference in the card backs, which can help ID the "original" for them update(s). Note that the "update" set(s) did contain ALL cards in the set, not just the new years.

It is possible that Fleer produced yearly updates to this set, adding in an extra card each year, or possibly just did this "update" once or twice - I'm just not sure. If you have an further information on this set, please let me know!

Back Differences

The top picture shows the "original" set, and the bottom shows the "update" set. Notice that the paper color is distinct for each one. The original set has a grey tint to it, whereas the update set has an off-white/tan color to it. The original appears to be printed on slightly heavier stock as well.
 1970 World Series

This SHOULD be the last card in the set... This one is from the update set, as you can tell from the color of the card stock on the back)
 1971 World Series

Update Set
 1972 World Series

Update Set
 1973 World Series

Update Set
 1974 World Series

Update Set
 1975 World Series

Update Set
 1976 World Series

Update Set
 1977 World Series

Update Set

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